'There are some occasions for which a photograph just won’t do. In this era of digital imagery, a hand-created painting makes a significant statement and attains an exceptional level of sentimental value.

My portfolio of commissioned work includes private individuals and public figures, corporate statements and personal mementos; with subjects aged from two to one-hundred-and-two years old. Characterful and communicative portraits are my trademark. I delight in exceeding expectations, creating paintings which are a treasure and a source of pride to the commissioner.'



"Ruth is a delight to work with, an adept professional who seems to instantly become in tune with her subject. I cannot praise her work too highly and I will treasure my portrait for years to come."

Mrs J. Pickles, February 2019

"We found the whole process of having our portrait painted both interesting and enjoyable. Ruth understood our wishes and gave us lots of good advice from the outset.

Watching the portrait come to life under her expert hand was fascinating. The likeness she was able to achieve and her use of colour produced a wonderful final piece which we are delighted with. The degree of detail she includes is truly amazing even down to the bubbles in the champagne glass!"

Mr B. & Mrs S. Hughes, March 2018

'I was keen to commemorate my 21st birthday with something special, unique and lasting, so a portrait seemed a natural choice - and choosing Ruth after seeing her work at the 2016 Great Yorkshire Show was a more obvious choice still!

I loved being so involved in the entire process, from choosing my most precious books for the background to learning about the stages of creating a portrait to chatting with Ruth during my sittings. The quality of the finished portrait - composition, colours, likeness, sensitively-chosen frame - speaks for itself and impresses me all over again every time I look at it. '

Miss I. Parkinson, January 2018

'We were looking for a splendid but unusual Golden Wedding anniversary gift for my parents. When I approached Ruth about a commission she was extremely helpful. Although the selected photo was not a conventional portrait (more a scene with my parents in it) Ruth was very flexible and constructive in suggesting how we could make it work.

Ruth delivered the finished work in plenty of time, and organised the framing for us. More importantly though, the finished work is absolutely magnificent! The likeness of my parents is simply amazing and the numerous beautiful touches (the stunning reflection in a window, the delicate quality of the light, textures in stonework) are a joy to behold.

My parents were delighted with the painting and will give it pride of place in their house. I am sure also the work will remain in the family for a long time. Thank you Ruth.'

Mr K. Beaty, April 2016

I have been following Ruth's career with interest; she is a charming and gifted artist. I wanted an unusual gift for my son, and we're both delighted with the resulting portrait. It's quite a serious pose, but Ruth has captured the youthful spark of a man at the beginning of his career. We met to discuss the progress of the work and Ruth was receptive to suggestions which she incorporated in the portrait.'

Dr G. Parkin, September 2015

‘I and my family are so delighted with the painting Ruth created of my beloved Grandma. Ruth has captured her spirit and presence so perfectly that I can feel Grandma sitting with me every time I look at the painting. Thanks Ruth for providing us with something which will be treasured for many years.

Furthermore, the process from commissioning the work to collection of the painting was a delight. I wish you well in the future and look forward to seeing how your amazing talent develops in the years to come!’

Ms S. Witton, July 2015

‘When I decided to commission a portrait I wanted a more relaxed image than a traditional portrait. Ruth took this request on board and produced a lovely smiling likeness, and I am really pleased with the finished result.’

Mr B. Cowling, May 2015

‘Having been captivated by the ‘spark and soul’ of Ruth’s work at the Great North Art Show, it was an easy decision to invite her to paint my portrait. When we met, I was impressed by her calm confidence and clear desire to achieve what was wanted whilst providing thoughtful advice. Wanting elements of my life reflected in the picture, Ruth was patient and supportive in achieving this objective.

My wife and I are delighted with the result and family and friends have been complimentary. I am convinced that we have not only a memento but also an investment!’

Mr N. Morrick, February 2015

‘Thank you for a lovely, sensitively painted, portrait of our daughter Alice when she was six years old.

The likeness is quite extraordinary and we have had so many complimentary remarks about your portrait. The colouring and attention to detail is excellent and you have captured the dappled background of foliage perfectly.’

Mr A. & Mrs L. Booth, October 2014

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