Artist Statement

'There is so much in the world around us to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination.

'Most fascinating for me has always been the human face, with its unique capacity for character and communication. This fascination has combined with a penchant for draughtsmanship, and a delight in colour, to form a passion for portrait painting.

'I approach each portrait with curiosity, respect for my sitter, and – most importantly – a sense of adventure. Every sitter is unique, and the route to imaginatively expressing their character is always a voyage of discovery. My aim with each portrait is to bring together likeness and personality in a painting which communicates directly with the viewer.

'I currently work from a studio in Leeds city centre (UK). I work almost always in oils - I am constantly inspired by the sheer scope of their versatility. From gauzy layers to tactile, sculptural forms, there are so many avenues begging to be explored. I frequently paint alla prima as I like my paintwork to have a textured appearance and to maintain a fresh, immediate feel. Between commissioned works, I experiment as much as possible to develop my artistic style.

'Recent events include exhibition with the Society of Women Artists (London, 2015, 2017-18), exhibition by invitation at the Great Yorkshire Show (Harrogate, 2016-18) and the title of Artist in Residence at the Great North Art Show (Ripon, 2016). My paintings hang in private and corporate collections across the UK.'

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'Self-Portrait, Apple Yellow' (detail)